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It isn't about the person dating the two relatives. It's about... how could one sibling put their mouth where the other sibling's cock or pussy has been (with or without condoms and douches and showers).

That is my glitch.

And there are plenty of other people in the world, it's not like you won't find "enough" love to be had.

To carry it one step further - it wouldn't be OK to simultaneously be involved with the same person one of my parents (or children, which along with siblings I also do not have), and I would by extension not do so with any member of my hhusband's immediate family.

However, I don't think these things should be illegal. I do not think that folks caught up in this type of situation are sick PEOPLE; but I do think it is an unhealthy interpersonal dynamic, in addition to the visceral aversion I described above (and in the other thread). I just cannot find it in myself to be empathetic about this.

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