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Originally Posted by Livingmybestlife View Post
Your not hijacking my thread. I thought this through. I had a hard time on sat night. When I indicated I was taking me time. This was not well received. I deserved it after all the crazy stuff. I also called BFF to take my child for a couple of nights. Nothing I haven't done for her.

Yesterday, morning I had a great talk with hubs, last night I had a great talk with BF. I also called my BFF, to take my child for a couple of nights.

RP, I get what your saying about being a Princess. However, when some hard stuff goes down in a relationship it seems sometimes some self care is called for or I for one would burn out.

VF I am so glad you came over here. I was concerned about you at that other forum and am glad you have found a place of support. Hugs
Ah glad you managed to sort things out with both of them LMBL. Yes that other forum was really something wasn't it? My wife read the first load of reponses after I had been on it bout a week, that was about the second week in of our arrangement. She said "You really shouldn't be looking at this stuff, your brain is like sponge at the moment, it is just soaking all this negative stuff up." She wouldn't look at it after that. I don't know why I kept going back. Thanks again for bringing me here.