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Ive dated a lot of guys in the past couple years, while being in a new relationship with a woman. Oddly i didnt have overwhelming NRE for any of the guys except one (who promised me the earth and then didnt follow thru~ that relationship ended after 3 mos).

At this point, I've been so disappointed with many of the ppl I've dated, I hold back my emotions to an extent. I know NRE makes you idealize your love object, and so I am wary of that.

I feel like I still have some NRE for my gf after 18 mos, even tho we are in each others' pockets most days, not living together, but together A LOT.

Now we know each others' foibles and weaknesses, but she still charms me and delights me and I wanna have sex with her all the time! She's so damn cute and endearing. I'd do her twice a day if she let me. At least she loves to cuddle so I get lots of touching and kissing. She really likes having me around. But I'd say her NRE for me lasted about 6 mos. She struggles emotionally w coming out as transgender and that gets in the way of her self esteem and affects her sex drive, unfortunately. We had one rather dry spell last spring, lasting 3 months, when she was depressed. It almost killed me. :P Of course, I can get sex from my sweeties or casual relationships, but I want her more than anybody!

But, counting my blessings. We do manage daily sex most days. mmmm...
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