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Originally Posted by yoxi View Post
I'm bi, and I now know that what I want is to be part of a triple ( la Babel-17) with a bi man and a bi woman.

Well, let's see now.... If you are in a committed loving relationship with a bi man and a bi woman, given that you are a man yourself, the woman in this triangular geometry will have a very different experience as one of three bi's than the two guys in this arrangement.

>blowing dust off of geometry book -- swwwiioooowww<

The two bi guys in this triad each have the best of all possible worlds: two loves, one male and one female. The bi woman in this triad has.... two male lovers. Now, who could complain about the robust good luck of having TWO lovers?! No one! What great fortune! But the she in this triad may like also to have a woman lover--given that she, too, is bi-. That would convert the geometry of the triad -- a nice solid shape, indeed -- into the rather clunky shape of a square. Are you sure you're ready to be a square?!
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