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Default New Relationship Energy

Hi, yet another thread from me.

I read a lot on here about NRE. I wonder how long it lasts. It does seem to be responsible for a lot of problems in itself, causing lots of bad new feelings for a mono partner when their partner is in the grip of NRE.

If a poly relationship runs into problems when the NRE starts to run out, does that indicate that the relationship was really just an affair posing as a poly?
Suppose the "poly" person in a couple has say, 3 new partners in one year. As soon as the NRE wears off he/she looks for someone new.

Can you still call that poly? I would be tempted to call that serial infidelity.

I stress that my relationship is nothing like that. My wife didn't seem to get any NRE. The other guy went straight into "Other Husband" status , and my wife (bless her) was very stressed out at the beginning trying to keep us both happy. I don't see her and him when they are together. Only now is she starting to say that she is happy.
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