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Sorry LMBL if this is hijacking your thread a bit.... Something redpepper just said..

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I get this stressed feeling a lot. I have learned how to hide it in order to be there for either man or my girlfriend when I need to. Sometimes I have to suck it up for a bit in order to make sure they know that everything is good. It has taken practice. There is no room for me to be a princess in all this. not that things aren't good. Most of the time I am just overwhelmed with not having had time for myself. Once I get that time, I find that if I have made one last ditch effort to make sure all know that they are important to me, then I won't have to work extra hard to do so later... whoever said that poly is about having ones cake and eating it too is full of shit. It really doesn't work like that...

My wife and I talked about this very thing yesterday. We had an argument within 5 minutes of her coming home. But then later we talked it out and she said it was always exactly the same with the other guy. She admitted that she just doesn't know how to suck it up and doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut (her words not mine!). She said she is going to work at it.