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Originally Posted by Ragabash View Post
I think you misread a bit there, as Tonberry's husband thought at first he was mono-wired but has realised since that he would be happy either way (and I feel I can comment on what he thought in this case seeing as said husband is me ).
It did take some mental adjustment for me to understand Tonberry's polyamoury, although it was easier as she had said some things before we were involved romanticly that lead me to suspect she was. I'd have to say it's been worth it, though, as she's much happier not trying to supress a part of herself for my sake, and I get along quite well with her BF so the jealousy issues are minor (and generally boil down to some of my anxiety issues not related to polyamoury anyways). As for myself... well, I've met someone I really like but I'm going slowly, so I'll have to see how that turns out. I suspect she knows my feelings, and she hasn't tried to dissuade me, so who knows? I'm staying optimistic, though.
Hi Ragabash! Glad you straightened me out on the misread. And really interested in your take on your mental adjustments. Honestly your answer really kind of further affirms my feeling that we have a similar path going. I am interested to know where in your journey you had a change of heart. After meeting someone, or before? When did the wiring change? Optimism makes all the difference in every life change.
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