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Originally Posted by ILUV2 View Post
As far as being secondary to my husband... please tell me how to have two primaries?! Until I can legally have two husbands.. he will have to be secondary to my husband and children. I can, will, and always have given my BF everything I can offer.. time, love, emotion, laughs and companionship. I've apologized for not being able to give him more. But I have always gone out of my way to NOT make him feel less important to me.
I have two primaries, it is very possible. It's hard work, and everyone needs to know where they stand, but possible. PN and Mono are different and offer me different things in life, yet the same, just at different times. I am not able to marry Mono, but that is okay, he is just as important. I see him as just as valuable and close to me as PN, he is a different person and is there for me in different ways, but I would find it impossible to have Mono without PN and visa versa. I would rather be alone.
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