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I think the the anthropologist said it best in the other thread, where almost everyone agreed...."there can be ONLY one Romantic Love at a time".

So you roll the may be toward your girl, or it may be toward you. But the reality is that there WILL be an imbalance!! If you can live watching your girl be "in love" with someone else and accept that it is NOT you, then you maybe can accept a Triad.

If you can live with YOU being the one in Love, and the harsh feelings that your girl will experience, then it may also work.

The reality is though, that the odds are way against you! You have to have VERY low expectations, and hope that everyone can practice patience.... a LOT.

Doable for a bit....but a flippin roller coaster ride otherwise. I am living it now. Sooooo amazing at anxiety producing at others. You have to make the choice.

Good luck!
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. ~ Oscar Wilde
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