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Originally Posted by paulsimonlebon View Post
Have been dating two sisters for about a month now. I dated one previously and we've come to incorporate the other somewhat equally. Now the original sister is accusing the other of trying to steal me.

On top of this she's also informed the mother, further complicating things. What should I do to make sure she feels that she's not getting slighted? And what about the mother?
Woo! Feisty topic- Ygirl- where did your boobs go? Have you withdrawn them in anger? Come get a hug.

Paulsimon- this is a tough situation, but I think it's quite similar to what could happen even if they weren't sisters, the rivalry between your lovers and the first sister sharing hurt with the mother, who wants to protect her child.

Once again it's going to come down to the quality of the communication and caring. Make sure you get yours from both of your lovers- don't cheat yourself by trying to solve issues that belong to them. I would bet that they aren't fighting entirely about your polyamorous situation. Don't get sucked in. If you are loving and respectful toward both of them, then you are doing your job.

Best of luck to you!
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