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OK, I want to be clear that I'm making my "opinions", "judgments", whatever you want to call them based ONLY on what you've said here. I don't know you, your husband, or the potential girlfriend, and neither one of them is here to give their side of the story.

Yeish... it seems like I have to say that a lot these days or people will crawl up my ass for "conjecture". (No one has done that in this thread yet but I feel like folks are always about to.)

Anyway, I drink a lot to relieve stress and I may or may not be an alcoholic (it seems that any time someone lists the reasons why they couldn't possibly have an addiction or a vice they're setting themselves up for a "methinks ye doth protest a wee bit too much"), but I'm not sure I'd push for a relationship with someone whose other partner is strongly suspecting me of having that problem if I were sure I did not have that problem. I'm just trying to look at this from the perspective of a (hypothetical) "girlfriend".

Not sure if that helps or if it makes things seem more complicated.

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