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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
It seems like his mind is already made up. He wants to let this play out and see where it goes. You can either pretend you're ok with it for the sake of "poly harmony" or you can continue to stand your ground and maintain that it's not a road you want to go down again, even if only vicariously.
Then I'm right back to square one where she is not in the loop with us both and that is what caused the problems in the first place. I'm not real good with the pretending nor do I think its the healthiest way to go about things. Its okay for small stuff like pretending someone's screaming child grabbing a french fry off your plate isn't bothering you while you try to eat your lunch at the diner.

I get that he wants me to trust him to judge the relationship and its potentials, I'm just struggling with it and don't see the sense in being involved because I only see that as an accelerant to something that should not move quickly because of the issues involved. If he is the gas, I'm pegged as the speed bumps. That wasn't working well and I ended up here.
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