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Default Howdy neighbor!

Hey thanks for chimin' in....we are pretty much used to radio silence lol.

We are really glad to find this forum, I just recently put up a FaceBook page and listed myself as being in an open relationship. Someone posted on my wall that there was a FB page called "Ethical Sluts". I went there but there was nobody from Vancouver on another dead end. But it had peaked my curiosity and the result was that I found this forum.

It would be great if my girl and I could find any other parts of the community that might be lurking around here. It's tough for us socially, we don't hide the fact that we are in an open relationship and sometimes we openly pursue the the affections of various people that we have crushes on.

It has temporarily worked out a few times and for short bursts we have enjoyed the close and intimate company of another like minded soul. I am straight she is bi. I'm not homophobic at all and have no problems with her having close intimate relationships with either men or women. She has no problem with me and other women either.

The only rule that we both live by is that we don't get involved with anyone who does not properly respect the other of us.

We have had some swinging experiences but the formulae does not quite click with us, not sure why.

We live in a big old house near Commercial and 1st and make our living with various live music video productions and also we process content for adult websites.

Here are some links to some clips from our last music video production. It's pretty punky but we like working with any kind of music, so any music centric poly people would be really nice to meet!
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