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Question... Is there a way to change the title of this thread? As I've been corrected on the terms, I was hoping to fix it!

A more serious question... I guess I'm not sure what Laughingman and I should do now. We've gotten to the point where we've told our friend, M, that we love him and want him to be with us. We are being patient with him and fully realize that he is still going to move for now to try out that relationship. He said he loves us, but I can tell he's not fully comfortable with everything... Do we just wait and make sure he realizes we care for him? I guess we're a bit impatient because we're so excited.

Our one friend that didn't support us is now apologizing and we're getting back to normal... Normal as in we can talk about everything but our friend M. Does anyone else have a friend that they keep, but can't discuss their relationship(s) with? I'm hoping we get to the point where we can, I don't like censoring myself with people that are supposed to be our friends...
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