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Default Ummmmm...

Redpepper - Am I to understand that you were with a woman partner in a closed relationship for 5 years, as a lesbian...came out as bi, then met your husband and eventually left her after starting a poly relationship during your relatinship with her?! LOL

hmmmmm, I must say that does NOT reassure me at all - LOL

I have always known that my partner was bi (lucky for this not to be a complete shock)...however, she has always prefered women. I think she has forgotten that since she has been with one for so long, but let's put it this way - she has 3 tatoos. The tiniest one (on her ankle) was from her grieving a man...the largest one which took 5 hours and takes up a big part of her back, was from a female. The other I think was just for the hell of it, lol. Her problem before was always meeting women..and meeting the right ones. It was hard for her to meet them, but her desire was always stonger towards women, though. So I am lucky on that front.

As for me. People are always curious. Actually, I have been with a handful of men...and after I came out as gay at 17, funny enough. I only slept with ones that were actually friends and that I cared about. It is just not my thing. I could have casual sex with them, but I never could with women because that is where all my emotions lie...the fireworks. But I don't like casual sex, and just don't prefer sex with men. Just have to put that out there for anyone who is thinking who knows what...because I have heard it ALL as to theories of why I am gay. It is not because I need the right man. It just IS.
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