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Originally Posted by ILUV2 View Post
As far as being secondary to my husband... please tell me how to have two primaries?! Until I can legally have two husbands.. he will have to be secondary to my husband and children. I can, will, and always have given my BF everything I can offer.. time, love, emotion, laughs and companionship. I've apologized for not being able to give him more. But I have always gone out of my way to NOT make him feel less important to me.
While this is kind of going off topic, I have seen a few "What is a primary?" types of discussions. The answers varied. For some, it is a legal or practical one about who you are the most tied to fiancially or wih kids. For some, it is about committment and depth of feeling and not about where people live. And for some, they refuse to label because they see it only adding to confusion.
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