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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post

I'll wager that if your husband still has energy for daily sex, then he hasn't been chasing 4-year-olds all day!! It's 2010, and gone are the days of "Dad's job is to bring home the bacon and then come home and put his feet up and be taken care of by Darling Wife after she's been taking care of kids all day."
I've complained about this before. I was a stay at home, homeschooling mom. My husband would get up on a weekday, eat breakfast and drink coffee unmolested, shit shower and shave... alone! And head out to work. Meanwhile, I'd be nursing the baby, feeding the older ones, breaking up fights, getting them dressed, while my coffee went cold and I was unfed.

Then my ex would have his commute, enjoy music, news or a book on tape in the car, work, often eat lunch out with his co-workers. Thai food! While I was lucky to go to McDonalds w the kids from time to time. Actually he also wanted me to pack his lunch if he didnt have restaurant plans. He'd get all resentful that I didnt really have time to make him a lunch with all the other things I had to do in the mornings.

He'd get home at 8PM, I'd give him 20 mins to go to the bathroom and eat the nutritious delicious dinner I'd cooked. Sometimes I'd have to start cooking dinner right after lunch to get it done before baby meltdown period around 4-7. Then he'd rile the kids up with active games for an hour. Maybe he'd help w baths and pjs and stories after that, to calm them down, maybe not. Quite often he'd have to work late and not be home to help with bedtime at all.

Once they were all asleep, he'd want sex??? I'd be totally touched out and exhausted more often that not. If he'd brought me home some pad thai and did a load of laundry, or something, on a regular basis, when he got home, maybe things wouldve been different.
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