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You mention your husband being patient, which is good. But how much help does he give you with raising your child? I've heard of a lot of new moms feeling alone in child-rearing, and that it can also have an effect on their sex lives.

I'll wager that if your husband still has energy for daily sex, then he hasn't been chasing 4-year-olds all day!! It's 2010, and gone are the days of "Dad's job is to bring home the bacon and then come home and put his feet up and be taken care of by Darling Wife after she's been taking care of kids all day."

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I had a miscarriage at 4 months in and it was devastating. I don't care who is out there that says I should just shrug it off and think it shouldn't effect me.
People have the gall to say that to you? That's horrible! Of course it should affect you! Having a miscarriage is losing a child, and that's the hardest thing anyone can go through.
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