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Discretion is part of whats holding him back... originally... we agreed that we would not go out locally if at all. And, if we did happen to go out.. we are going out as friends only. That just didnt work. We both enjoy life so much that we want to do things together and we both enjoy each other so much that we cant help but touch... our body language gives us away. He has told me many times that he'd love to be able to introduce me as his girlfriend...but is not sure of the response.

I'm beginning to believe that if he is up for it he should just do that. My husband is agreeable. I feel that people are going to make their own judgements no matter what. If my BF wants to introduce me as his girlfriend, and leave it at that, then so be it. He doesnt have to say "this is my married girlfriend"!... Just let it go...

I dont know... still trying to work it all out...
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