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well there you go, more info... sister-in-law, early rising child, two miscarriages. You are being hard on yourself I think! That is a lot to sort out first. At least you have a babysitter close by! Perhaps she will look after your child for a weekend...?

I had a miscarriage at 4 months in and it was devastating. I don't care who is out there that says I should just shrug it off and think it shouldn't effect me. For someone who connects easily and deeply with others my girl child was no different. I can completely understand how this could cause some later sex issues.

It sounds like there are a few things to do before the idea of welcoming another into your life. A good conversation and a plan of how you are going to progress would be good to start. Making a list and doing it and seeing what happens would be a first before introducing another into your life.
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