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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Is it possible for polyamory to fit a group of people who love each other and don't have sex with each other, or at all with anyone for that matter.... a kind of asexual poly family?
I think it is possible. How they arrive at that would be what intrigues me. The way I think of the definition of polyamory is relationships that are intimate both physically and emotionally. Those two elements might exist in swinging relationships but I suspect that they are few and far in between. I know of loving couples in their eighties whose lives revolve around each other. They may be sexually active, it's not uncommon, but probably not frequent. The bond of their relationship seems to come from their emotional intimacy. That would hold true in a poly relationship as well. What I am saying is that a poly relationship could evolve into a non-sexual relationship for whatever reasons, but I don't think it could be defined as a polyamory if the realtionship began non-sexual and remained non-sexual.

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