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This subject interests me a lot right now.

Since I'm only newly allowing myself to think about all this consciously, it really only occurred to me after reading some of the posts above that 'of course you can have heterosexual polyamory' (took me a minute to click, V's and so on rather than polygons/polyhedra).

I'm bi, and I now know that what I want is to be part of a triple ( la Babel-17) with a bi man and a bi woman. I'm not sure I could do it with others who didn't know what being bi was like (but who knoweth?) Looking on dating sites in the last few days, I was surprised by how many 'straight women who like bi men' are out there, and less surprised at how few 'gay men who like bi men'.

I think I'm just going to have to face the fact that Sesame Street has been brought to me today by the word Surprised, and the number more-than-one.

Meanwhile back on-topic, I think that whatever forums people post in, other people will peek if the titles are interesting enough , but it could be good to mix it up so we all get to read more about more versions of the poly. (Bloody hell - I've just got the parrot thing. Slow today - too much change.)
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