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Default Polly has it right a rollercoaster

So, to my utter surprise, I got a normal email from BF. He was his self. He had apparently been yet again thinking I wasn't going to put up with his emotions. He apolgized and said he loves me, he is just adjusting his thought patterns. He asked me to bear with him. Somehow, I realized he sent such a formal email, because he had no clue how I would respond. We spoke for awhile and things are much better. I have as I said to him before, just want to enjoy what we have for as long as we can. That it is quality not quanity that matters. I also told him, him that being honest is never wrong. It can hurt but it is so much better then hiding things and building resentment.

The fight husband and I had was over his computer addiction and his lack of doing any planned household things. The house could fall down and he could care less if he is on his beloved computer. So it didn't have anything to do with BF.

Hubs, did however, have a reaction to BF's LaLA land. I had told him, I thought BF was a little in lala land the night before and I would address it.
When things got out of hand yesterday and last night, Hubs got pissed off.
So I needed to reassure him. VF I do think you have it right. I feel sometimes torn in two. Right now I feel fragile. I don't really feel I can go to either.

Hubs also said he hadn't felt he could be intimate with me, for a couple of weeks since he crossed a boundary. I had no idea. I reminded him, I wasn't a mind reader. I needed some communication. He had been tied up with work and things and I thought he needed space. Plus child was sick in our bed.

I also see that Sage was right doing nothing was best. VF your right in that I can't share problems with one to the other.

Thanks so much.... I am going to take care of myself tonight....leave both of them alone. So I have these new cocoa roasted almonds and a good book.