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sorry you are feeling sad LMBL. In this instance I feel your bf created his own problem. He got his hopes up about something you never promised him. He needs to "get it" big style.
Also, can I say I feel you are telling your bf a little bit too much about what goes on when you are not with him. (ie your domestic situation) This can backfire on you.
My wife doesn't tell me hardly anything about what she and bf talk about. So I know she doesn't talk about me and her to him. She likes to keep us separate.
What you said about feeling fragile made me realise something though LMBL. In the first month, just at the times when I needed my wife to be demonstrative that she loved ME and still wanted me, she would seem a bit withdrawn and distant. I thought she was being hard, unfeeling. I realise now she had to be like that to preserve her sanity. She was getting stress from both of us.