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Cowley, I don't know what others have said, because I skipped to writing right away, sorry if I repeat as a result.

I think that the person who you quoted should be called out for saying something in terms of generalities. No one should ever make a sweeping statement ever. It is entirely unfair to do so. What the hell does anyone know of a topic in its entirety? no one. I could be poly for a million years and still I don't think I have the right to say that poly is anything but my own experience of it! They should be called on that, because that is THEIR experience and obviously they have no idea what they are talking about in terms of others experiences. It really bothers me that people reading that will also decide the same thing because of what they said. It is disrespectful to make sweeping generalizations of whole communities. It's like saying that everyone who is a polygamist abuses young girls... or all priests abuse young boys. Not true, there have been cases of that, but we cannot assume that that is the norm and always happens, because it doesn't.

My other thought is that mainstream media has told us it's okay to be accepting of same sex stuff... but not poly yet... they are listening to mainstream media and have thought about it and have decided that it must be okay... ten years from now I wonder if they will be singing the same tune about poly and be on the band wagon about bad mouthing something else... we are all such sheep aren't we?
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