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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Sex like that does not last. You are the baby daddy. not the lustful stud. You are the one she is attached to. That is long lasting, not what she has with this guy. Who cares if he is good at sex with her. It's new, of course it is good... it is someone she hasn't had before.
I still stand on this then and here is why. I too had this similar experience. That pent up energy, I get that. years of holding it in to raise a child blah blah blah... I get that totally. It's not that she doesn't enjoy you and your sex life, just that its different. Connected, loving, comfy, warm and special... feels good to snuggle into love and sexiness, even if you are fucking like rabbits. This guy is just a good lay. He means little more than pure lust. If she wants more of that, then I would think it very big of you to be able to let her go do that. My husband did that for me and when I sat with several men on dates I just stared at them and felt nothing. I realized that I need depth, connection AND lustful passion.

This could very well be a beginning for her on discovering that. You are an incredibly patient and loving man... very giving. My PN is like that too. Men like you are to be admired. Tell her from me that she has a gem in you and she should be taking care not to damage that for her own good time.
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