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Originally Posted by anotherbo View Post
As someone who has suffered disabling depression on-and-off (mostly on) for my entire life, I'd like to share what I know about my own depression.

When I am deeply depressed, there is really no point trying to do anything about it except relax, wait it out, and look for those moments when I am capable of enjoying anything. Then I try to do something that will boost my energy/mood. It usually has to be something fun, but if it can also be exercise, eating well, or something else inherently good for me, that is a plus.

Personally, I get enormously frustrated when other people in my life try to advance, or even suggest, solutions to me when I'm really down. Though therapy, medication, exercise, lifestyle changes etc. have been helpful to me personally, trying to set something like that in motion while already deeply depressed just drains my energy further.

I'd be so much more active in dealing with my depression, if I wasn't so damn depressed!


Your post was very timely. As I've shared, I have suffered from debilitating depression on and off for years. And I too get so frustrated when people make it sound "easy" to get better. It's not!!! I mean, I've tried naturopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, drugs, you name it. You can't say that I haven't tried. The paradox is that when you are depressed, it's difficult to do anything, much less self-affirming things and when you come out of it, it seems unnecessary. I really try to put safeguards in place when I am feeling well in the event that it changes.

My individual therapist said to me last week "well, you aren't going to kill yourself" and I wanted to scream at her "no, but what the hell kind of measure of health is that?". Jeesh. Our couples' therapist scored big points when she acknowledged how awful this felt (overall, my individual therapist is pretty great).

And awesome DW made a connection that I had not made as to a trigger for the depression (because I had been doing really well). Sometimes I think it takes an outside perspective to point something out, but we have to be in a place where we can receive it and that can vary from moment to moment, ime!!!

But know that there are those who understand at least the basics of what you are experiencing and are here to listen!!!!!

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