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Well it's news, and I guess good news...we've gone ahead and called off the destination wedding....not the marriage but two of the big stressors were planning the wedding and paying for the wedding. Not by any means were we were going to be extravagant but it would have drained our savings.

So I was offended and hurt at first when TP told me she wanted to put it off for a year, but after discussion (her father said we make a good team which is nice to hear) I am okay with it, since it's not the marriage but the WEDDING that is the stress; we have a house, car, 2 dogs, 4 cats, and parrot and various and sundry possessions together (Not the 40" TV! You gave that to me as a gift honey, it's mine!) she's not going anywhere...took some thinking on my part to realize that.

So with that stressor out of the way we are going to do a quick civil ceremony whenever TP gets her birth certificate and driver's licence back with her new passport. Oh we're still going to Cuba in Feb. but basically calling it a celebration of our marriage....TP won't change the resort to the one where all the University kids are on break at, so I am out of trying to get some University lovin'.

All in all I am okay with the change, means we can have a better standard of living now than be miserable saving for one day...and we're still getting married, just means that we are not burdening our loved ones with the expense either....good development, good means that with that stressor gone TP and I can focus on other issues without the money stress and wedding stress!
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