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One of the advantages of poly is that one person doesn't have to be "everything" for the other. For example, if he liked horror movies and you did not, he could go with someone else. However, most of those types of examples could be accomplished with a good friend. Sex is kind of different.

There are some good poly situations in which someone was into BDSM or some fetish that their partner was not interested in. So it worked out well for their partner to find someone else who was also into that kink. It is somewhat similar to your situation in which you have very different sex drive than your husband. An open relationship can see to it that both of your needs are met. So I don't think it is a bad idea.

However, I do agree with the others that you should see a doctor. But it may also be stress from feeling like you have to give out sex. If it were an option, you may feel better to act on your sex drive. Also, if you ever dated someone, some NRE may kick in and help your sex drive.

My wife is in a very similar situation to what you are in. Her sex drive has been dropping over time. It started out daily when we met and now it is a struggle to go for once a week. She has been to her doctor, but the doctor didn't find anything wrong.
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