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The morning after is feeling as sweet as last night. I'm still giddy.

I have been keeping three of my friends informed of what's going on, but am not giving up a bunch of details to J. We are on good terms again, since his apology, but I don't think he's ready to talk openly about all of this. I have told Joshua and our friends to not be telling everyone else about what's going on. M doesn't want a bunch of people to know and I'm not sure he realizes our friends already know. I realize that while he still has the intention to move and has feelings for that guy in Florida, he won't be able to be fully open with us.

I hope to see M this afternoon, when he's off work, but we'll see. I already talked to Joshua this morning on the phone and will be texting him throughout the day. I think, even though we are not an official triad yet, that I am feeling a little NRE. The relationship may not be fully defined yet, but it's still a relationship... M and I have gotten much closer and Joshua and M are quickly building a better bond as well. Joshua and I are as close as ever and this is just making us stronger, I've realized.

The empty feeling I would have throughout my days is feeling less overwhelming since this honesty started.
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