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4 months ago I was planning our divorce, while trying to figure out how to save us. It's been a rough road. But tonight, I see a future. We haven't just saved our marriage, you've helped save me. Thank you for pulling me out of the caverns of my own mind. For stopping my downward spiral. For showing me the strength I lost. I feel like I've been my most vulnerable in the last few months, and yet again you've proven to me that you're here, and you love me, and we're strong enough to fight whatever comes across our path. I'm sitting here tonight and for the first time in a long time, I'm not counting down the hours til you're home. I'm not wondering what you're doing. Yes I miss you, and I miss our time together, but I'm happy that you're happy. I've had my first real glimpse of compersion. And it's thanks to you, and your amazing ability to hold a mirror in front of my face and forcing me to see the reality, without me even realizing it. I love you so much. And I am so glad I didn't pack everything up and leave. I am so glad that I was still here when you came home that night 4 months ago. I'm glad we had our night of honesty. I'm glad we communicate so much now that we interupt our favorite tv show to talk. I'm glad we're the "lucky ones".
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