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I just got done seeing M. Joshua wanted me to tell him, to his face, that I love him. It's been suggested and we were honest in saying we want a relationship with him, but I couldn't bring myself to say it to his face that I'm in love with him. I was so nervous! We cuddled and Joshua ended up calling M while I laid on M's chest, turning away, red-faced. Joshua is definitely braver than I am when it comes to this stuff and I try really hard to be brave! He told M how we both love him very much and want him happy.

I started to cry as M hung up with Joshua. It wasn't a sad cry, just a "I'm so nervous we're going to freak you out" sort of cry. M hugged me tight and had told us both he appreciates it. I apologized a lot and he said it's fine, really. He kissed me a lot and rubbed my back and was reassuring.

M had to go, he had a long day at work and has to open tomorrow, so I was lucky for him to stop by at all. I felt bad taking his time, but he said he enjoys hanging out and cuddling, not to worry.

I don't think we changed anything, but we made the step to make sure M is fully aware of how we feel going into anything. I don't expect him to decide to not move or anything crazy and keep telling Joshua the same, but I do hope he remembers that we're here for him and want to be with him, whole-heartedly.

I texted M after he left and asked him the tough question I couldn't in person: "You love us as only friends, huh? It's okay, but I need to know..." He replied: "I love ya guys, hun." I don't wanna be too analytical, as I know I could point out that he didn't specifically say in what way, but I am thinking positively.
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