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Default Hello I'm Vodkafan

Hi all,

A poly friend invited me over here. My wife and I are 8 weeks into a poly relationship. She fell in love with another guy, she didn't plan it it just happened. We went through a hard time where she left but came back. She was literally split between us she loves us both, so in desperation I suggested a plan where she lived with me for 4 days and him for 3 days per week.
I did this to try to save our marriage, we knew nothing at all about polyamory, we were not looking for a lifestyle or anything.
The first month was hard, very hard.
But it is now working and things are getting better.
I went looking for advice on another relationship forum and got a lot of abuse and insults, although one or two people were sympathetic.
I look forward to talking to you all on here.
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