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MY guilt resides in how happy and secure I am within our relationship. As I get more comfortable and secure I get hit by waves of feeling I am taking away something from your husband. Seeing you both together and spending time as a group sedates this feeling. Our group "family" time is very important to my feeling like a positive.

I also experience guilt in my not being open to you exploring intimate relationships with other men even though this is currently not an issue. I'm not talking deep friendships, which we both know is an issue within the traditionally mono world, but sexual relationships. To ease this I focus on the level of commitment I am offering over the long haul. I also remind myself that I am not asking you to become monogamous by any means, but am asking you to be polyfidelous within our life with regards to your men. We don't know what will happen in the future or how we will each change, but as it is now, this is what I need to be healthy and move forward so I am willing to suffer a little guilt in this area
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