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Default Poly Newbies in England

My wife and I currently live in Oxfordshire, England, have been married for 24 years, and are both nearing 50 (still a year out!). We truly are best friends, and it's a lovely marriage. During it, we have had one or two friends join in for brief dalliances, but nothing long-term (although there was a distinct possibility of that early on, but poorly handled by yours truly, really —*young and stupid).

We've recently begun exploring the poly life, realising that we were both missing something in our relationship — her, perhaps a bit more spirituality, and me requiring maybe a bit more attention and — well, just a little something different.

My wife now has a friend whom she sees on a regular basis, and I'm working on a long-distance relationship with a wonderful woman I met on-line, and whom I recently met in person for the first time in a rather idyllic setting. Her life is a bit difficult at the moment, but we work hard at supporting each other, and hope for a future that at least includes the occasional visit — if not something more.

What am I looking for here? Advice, perhaps friendship, perhaps more. We'll see. Anyway, it's nice that this board exists.

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