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Polyamory is part of who I am. It doesn't make sense to me as a question any more than "has being white been worth it?" or something. Worth what? I didn't do anything. It just is.

Now, if the question is "has coming out been worth it?" then yes. I am honest with the people I love, at peace with who I am, and not torturing myself anymore over what's wrong with me. Coming out was worth it and has been since before my relationship with Rag stopped being monogamous de facto, and even since before I fell in love with another man. It was worth it from the start because even just my relationship with Rag was better because of it and, just as importantly, my relationship with myself as well.
Me: 32F, straight
Seamus: My husband, 33M, straight
Fox: My boyfriend, 30M, homoflexible
Dragon: Fox's husband (and my ex), 30M, pansexual
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