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Default advice for couple seeking third

We are a couple (male-straight, woman-bisexual.) We are new to poly. We know that we want to explore being in a triad. We have gone on a couple of dates together with a woman we met online, which was exciting and new, but did not develop into a relationship. We would like to meet other women who are also interested in developing a relationship with us as a couple and to possibly build a triad relationship, however we are new to navigating the online dating and poly dating universe. Ideally we would like to have a more "live" experience where we meet someone offline to be friends with at first-where the attraction and interests are shared and built mutually. In our exploration and learning more-we have come across the dreaded and sometimes derogatory term "unicorn hunters," it is somewhat discouraging to go out there with this term out there and to feel comfortable with what we want to share. I guess what we want to ask is-how have others met people open to this kind of relationship? What are some experiences others have had with online dating as well as meeting offline dating-primarily couples wanting to become triads?
Thank you kindly!
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