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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
Absolutely and without a doubt yes it is worth it. Although the relationship between my husband and I was never lacking we didn't discuss things in as much depth as we have since we started opening our relationship...calling it different things along the way until we found what fit for us.

Also how can something that brings wonderful people into my life not be worth it? Without starting out on this poly journey I never would have met my husband's girlfriend and her other boyfriend or PN and Mono and most importantly I wouldn't have been able to build what I am starting to build with RP.

Yes there are ups and downs but the good far outweighs any negativity.
Derby this pretty much sums up how I feel too! It has been worth it. For me. Tumultuous to say the least but DEFINITELY worth it. My relationship with my hubs is better because I have been able to reach a different level with him. We are communicating alot better. I appreciate his understanding and acceptance-haven't reached embracing it yet but he is working on it- and I am amazed he loves and trusts me enough to let me be happy in my relationship with 2Rings. 2Rings is the key to all of this for me. Without knowing him and exploring this really awesome and beautiful and completely honest relationship, I never would have known this kind of love with either of my loves. I thank you my darling and you truly are it for me! Love conquers all!
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