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Default Something better, something brighter

Just before my wife and I left to meet up with B and H, weird thing #1 happened. H called me. To ask if I wanted to meet up later in the week. Seriously. I thought that was a good sign.

Weird thing #2 happened right when B came to the restaurant where we met up with them. She came in...and was wearing...OK you are going to start laughing now...a lobster suit. Seriously, again. B knows that I have a fear (ok, maybe not exactly a fear) of lobsters. She actually came into the restaurant wearing a lobster suit. I am going to tell you right now, when it comes to calming fears, B is an absolute genius. Who else could have done that? I laughed my butt off.

Could anything have gone badly after that? Well, no, but it went even better than I thought it could have. Actually, there were hiccups. H admitted that after he found the texts and e-mails between B and I he considered leaving her, and that there had been a “big” fight. That was scary. As I say I’ve already been in one marriage that broke up because of cheating and although I had gone out of my way to not cheat with B I don’t want to be involved in anything like that again. But apart from that…most everything went better than expected. Incredibly, even after H had considered leaving B over me, he considered whether B and I could meet in public on our own. Maybe we’re not ready for that. Maybe he’s not. But he’s considering it. And already H is OK with B and my wife and I meeting up on our own.

H opened up to us even more about why he is uncomfortable with B and my wife and I being poly. But he’s agreed to us going ahead with it. It’s admirable of him to admit that. But it’s also part and parcel of the fact that he is beginning to trust us more every day. The important thing is that we keep him part of the conversation and part of the relationship.

And, to that end, I did go meet up with him on Monday. And last night the four of us went to a bar/entertainment thing and had loads of fun. Yes, there was lots of snuggling and furtive kissing, but it was about being friendly too. We are starting to connect on a different level now. There is still nervousness, but there is also a determination to move forward. B is now openly calling me “boyfriend” and my wife “girlfriend.” And…somehow…H is OK. Maybe not leaping with joy. But OK. And B is talking quietly about meeting up with me one-on-one. My wife isn’t ready for that either, but…soon.

After we got home on Sunday night, B sent us a text. See, although there was much touching and holding and kissing, my wife had wanted us to keep things non-sexual. And we did…but B couldn’t help herself afterward…and something about 25 orgasms in 15 minutes. B is still B. We do love her for that!
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