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I have always felt that one man wasn't enough for me. I can't say it's been strictly a physical urge or strictly an emotionally urge, but definitely a combination of the two on various levels.

I have people in my life that I can honestly say I love, some of which I can see having a relationship with and others I can't.

I married my husband, Joshua, a little over a year ago. We met online when I was 15 and he was barely 18. When I was 16, I got pregnant with twins. Not long after their birth, we gave them up for adoption. I have never had the urge to be a mother and, four years later, I still don't. My husband has accepted that. Him and I have gone through many highs and lows before we finally tied the knot.

Now, a year into the marriage, we are very comfortable and happy with each other. We've grown together, matured, and know the other person as well as we know ourselves. I feel confident in saying we are an extremely happy couple with a wonderful relationship.

My husband is in the National Guard, he joined not long before I met him. This year, he was supposed to be done with his six-year enlistment, but his unit was going mobile and he got an extension to go with them (for financial reasons), so he will not be done until next year after the deployment.

My husband left July 30th and I had been "good" for the first few weeks, until I met up with my friend (we'll call him M).

I had met M a few years ago when Joshua and I were going through a rough time and split for a little while. M was a virgin and I helped show him a few things. We never dated, but had an intimate relationship, although M describes himself as homosexual. M got busy with work, as did I, so we didn't see each other much after Joshua and I got back together and moved.

I turned 21 and M finally had a better schedule to hang out, especially since I quit my job of two years. We decided to go to dinner in celebration and head back to my place. I don't think I need to spell the rest out.

By the next time M and I were together, he found out his work transfer was granted and he was to move in a few short weeks to Florida. There is a guy that he is seeing that lives there and they want to give a relationship a shot. M and I had a couple more "dates" since I found out he was leaving and finally I had a dream about Joshua, M, and I all being together... I knew I loved M and didn't want to have to hide that, but I love Joshua unconditionally and was afraid to lose him. I decided to use my dream to approach Joshua.

I told him about it and said, "Maybe it means we're all supposed to be together." At first he thought I was kidding, so I added, "Maybe I'm using this to bring it up without being awkward..." That's when Joshua knew I was serious. I was very scared he'd be upset! But, much to MY surprise, Joshua was very supportive of the idea and confessed he had similar feelings for our friend M.

I told Joshua that I had been unfaithful the past couple weeks and he understood and was not upset. We told M how we felt and told him that we would like to include him in our relationship, because we love him.

It took a bit for M to realize we were serious. At this point, it's my understanding that he's a bit torn on the issue. He feels he still wants to visit the man in Florida and give that relationship a try. Joshua and I agreed that he should go... We don't want him to hate us for stopping him or regret not going.

So now, we are waiting... M and I still plan to spend some time together before he goes and M and Joshua have been flirting as well. Joshua and I are determined to wait for M to come back, as we feel he will be back for us (long story as to M and the Florida boy and why we think it won't work...).

We have discussed the finances, physical, and emotional sides of this. None of us want children.

I told our closest friends about the situation, how we feel, and what we would like to accomplish. All of our friends are supportive, except one. He is taking it very personal and is upset that I cheated on Joshua, even though Joshua is not at all mad. He is also upset that we want to have a relationship with M and that I have had success with M as this friend was shot down by M.

I hope our friend, we'll call him J, comes around... I don't want to lose a friend over this, especially since we don't feel it's something that should affect him. It's our relationship. We just didn't want to lie to him.
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