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I have to chime on to this thread too....cuz yup, it is sort of a cool thing!

My experimentation with Orgasms didn't start till my mid thirties . Sadly. Very sadly. At this point, I was able to see why I had been holding back with many orgasms, and that was because of the ejaculation - I had NO Idea!

Since then, we keep lots of towels close by and when she blows she blows. I would describe my orgasms as being the best of my life now - so intense and mind blowing, however for the ejaculation to occur, I have to be totally 'comfortable' and let that has not happened in a threesome ....yet.

The mind blowing orgasms have kept me going though!!! THE NRE coupled with the big O chemicals is what makes me want to make this whole thing work out. And what a work out it is!!

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