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I'm so vanilla it hurts. I look like that frumpy mom in your kid's class who smiles politely but doesn't talk much.

I had my nipples pierced just before Christmas and I loved it. It hurt like H*LL and after the first one I wasn't at all sure I wanted to continue, but I felt committed and I couldn't stand the thought of being lopsided. I scared my partners to death because a short time after the piercings I stopped hurting--no pain AT ALL--and got very tired, then passed out. Gotta love endorphins, apparently.

After a couple of months I was visiting a different piercer to buy jewelry--my piercer doesn't do it professionally anymore--and she talked me into removing one of my piercings because it was "too deep". She said I could have it re-pierced in a few weeks. It's been five months and I'm going NUTS--I really can't stand only having one piercing. But my piercer says he will repierce me, and he's a very close friend (almost family) and I feel guilty not having more faith in him, so I'm trying to wait until he has time. Have I mentioned it's making me crazy?

I have my left ear pierced twice and my right ear once. I wear solid hoops that I don't remove, and I'd like to get more piercings. I originally wanted belly button, but my friends talked me out of it because it apparently has a high rate of rejection and infection. I want my nose pierced. I want an eyebrow pierced.

I have no tattoos, because I have psoriasis and I worry about having an outbreak. But I want tattoos, quite a lot. I want tattoos to symbolize my children. For Monkey, I want a sweet pea, because she's always been my sweet pea, or a wolf, which is her totem animal. For Moose, I'd like a kanji or a dragonfly, because he's into Japanese and also because Libelula (spanish for dragonfly) is the name of his first sword. I want a crow because they're symbolic for me. I want a pansy because I think they're the most beautiful flower in the world, especially Georgia O'Keefe's Black Pansy. I want a fairy Eeyore because I'm a Disneyphile and it speaks to me. I would love to have a tattoo for Easy, but I don't know what. I would consider in the future a tattoo for Asha. I'm not sure about a tattoo for Sunday, to whom I feel committed but unsure.

Easy has one tattoo, an outline of his magical symbol.

Asha has a tattoo for each of her children, which are very personal so I won't describe them right now. She has a Scorpio tattoo on her leg for herself and her mother. Funny thing is that there are three scorpions and Monkey is a scorpio. Asha has a beatiful mural on her thigh of manatees. Her tattoo artist is a true artist, and if we can lure him to the state we might get some tattoos from him.

Sunday is also without tattoos.
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