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I'm 25, so, lots of time in front of me...
But I think I've only had clitoral orgasms so far. I've come during intercourse with only one man (Ragabash) and I would say it's in big part due to the fact that with our positions and angles, my clitoris rubs against him and I'm stimulated this way.

I'd love to explore the rest. I started masturbating when I was ten, so I started early, I guess, but I only ever did so externally. I tried buying toys and using them inside of me, but it didn't do much for me, it felt weird more than pleasant. On top of that I never liked oral sex much (receiving it I mean) or being manually stimulated by another person, but that's more of a personal trust thing that I've been working on.

My orgasms are very powerful. I say I could never fake one, because my whole body shakes, my muscles twitch, I'm out of breath, and I can take a while to recover. As in, I might just lay there, unable to walk, or sit up, or even reach out for the bottle of water (I always get super thirsty). They're picky so far though, need a very specific set of conditions. I need to be in a specific position, need to contract all of my muscles at once when I'm getting close, and stay that way until release...

I've been working on getting more variety. More angles, things like that. I'll work on it in the future but I want to go slowly, take my time, not pressure myself. I need to learn to give myself away to my partner, that's the trust issue I was talking about. Because my orgasms make me feel completely vulnerable, I've had a long history of shutting them off if I wasn't alone, or wanting to control how and where and when I had them, meaning I wasn't comfortable with being stimulated by someone else.

Ejaculation is one thing I'm curious about. I'd want to try and see if I can do it, while keeping in mind that maybe I won't, and that if I ever do it might be in 20 years or so. I'm getting much more comfortable with my body, what with being loved so much by two wonderful men.

Oh, also, about the wetness thing, I get very wet too. I actually need to stop every so often while masturbating and wipe myself off, because otherwise I'm too wet, it slips, and it either doesn't feel as intense or on the contrary, I end up touching my clitoris directly and it can hurt.
I can also get so wet that it's less sensitive during intercourse for both of us.

If it's true that wetter women don't ejaculate or ejaculate less, maybe I won't... But I'd still want to try a different kind of orgasm. I guess for me it's an exploration thing. I'm aware I might end up disliking some things or not wanting to do them as often, but I want to at least give them a fair chance.
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