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Thanks, Mono, you're a ton of help. :P Please don't mention that to any of my kids, will you? They'd all think it was a hoot to try!

I'm feeling better, emotionally, today. I think that the biggest problem, in retrospect, is that Easy and Asha triggered old abandonment issues in me, plus Easy used to have a history of neglecting me. The neglect we've been working on, so we just continue that work. The abandonment issue I constantly work on, but it's so old and so ingrained that I worry that it will never go away.

I am overwhelmed with missing Asha today. What with her constant traveling this summer and various family commitments we've both been dealing with, we haven't had much time together, and suddenly it's all built up to this drowning need to cuddle up to her. But, I have this inner ear thing going on and I'm horribly motion sick whenever I move too much, so I don't think I'll get to drive to see her today. I'm hoping to be able to alleviate some of this wanting this weekend. I also want to cuddle up to Sunday, but I think it would be a bad idea. I miss him too. I had hoped that I would stop pining by now.
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