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I'm somewhat intrigued by female ejaculation. I've been masturbating & orgasming since I was 13; I come very easily and can come from PIV without simultaneous clitoral stimulation; I play with a g spot & clitoral vibe that always bring me to orgasm; I can find my g spot with my eyes closed (perhaps not the best analogy ) and can come from rubbing my thighs together or dirty talk if I'm really horny. I can distinguish between direct clitoral, clitoral movement*, breast, g spot, cervical and vaginal orgasms...but I have never ejaculated.

Maybe I need to follow the step by step guide, but I'm somewhat sceptical. As an experienced navigator of my body I sort of think I've have discovered it by now.

*When I rub my hand over my clitoris to stimulate it inside me rather than rubbing the pokey-out bit
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