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Reading down through the post' got me to thinking how your wife went wild and broke alot of rules, and cocaine was included in the equation. I had a problem with that, when I was 20 for a year, or so...I'm now 46 and have never touched a hard drug since. After trying that stuff once or twice, you start getting that grinding feeling that you can't wait until the next time you can do it again. I would be very concerned that you could be being lied to on this level also. It doesn't take but a few times, to get a good habit going. Once that happens, she could deside to ditch her "old" life. It could change the wife that you once knew, into someone you don't know at all. Not to say this is what is going on...but Zebra's hang with Zebra's....
I'm not going to delve into the rest of the story, but I would just be careful and keep your eyes open, this kind of situation, and how it's been handled so far, leaves the door wide open for lots of problems..and you don't want that, for your once happy family.... Candi
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