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Mono and I had a conversation last about attraction. We both agreed that a big confident smile and face as well as intelligence, or at least the desire to act intellegently was more attractive than anything else.

Nitty gritties for me revolve around values, ability to empathise, generosity and humour. I'm finding Monos easy going nature to be a draw too. I haven't ever been with someone like that. Usually overly emotional types. Which I love too.

I do have a body type I'm attracted to as well. Both men and women.

Really though, there is a rush of energy when I know I have found someone I connect with. I recognize it immediately. Whether I act on it depends on time and circumstance now though as I get that rush often. Its like falling in love a little. In the poly community it happens more often than not I have noticed and I love that I can enjoy depth without having to be sexual. Something I didn't find so easily in monogamous relationships. People seemed to scared of that energy and disengaged from it in their eyes as fast as they could or engaged in a dishonest way. Or at least I precieved it as such.
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