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Back from a day and a half with Sean!

I finally got to meet him after being in a long-distance relationship for about two months (wow, it feels like longer). I was nervous before the trip and during the trip... Meeting someone from the first time after knowing them online only can be hit or miss. There is so much that is about the connection, the way things feel, that you only get in person...

It was a bit awkward for all of five minutes :P He was waiting outside of the Greyhound station, we hugged, climbed into his car, went to the hotel and I took a shower.
Then we kissed and snuggled some more, and from that point onward it was like we had been in a face to face relationship from the start. It all felt very natural.
We talked and snuggled a lot. We were both exhausted so we didn't really get to do much. Watched some DVDs, ate out... We also had sex, which was great, and slept together (as in, actually sleeping).

A day and a half isn't much, but it added a new dimension to our relationship. As close as I felt to him, meeting in person is a needed step for me to be in a "real" relationship, to have something to show for it, if I'm making any sense.

What helps is that we already know when we're seeing again: he's coming in December (he'll meet Rag for the first time then). I think having the next meetup planned even before we had this one is something that made me feel much better when we had to part. There is something to look forward to, plans, something stable.

It was hard saying goodbye, as happy as I was to go back to my husband. I'm sure every hinge has felt that at some point. I'm glad next time will be with all three of us... Although I wonder what the dynamics will be like then
I'm sure the guys will get along though, they already are after all. I'm very happy about the trip and excited about the next one. Now to start planning the one after that...
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