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Having read a few posts by you T, I get the feeling that you are in need of a change and that is one of being appreciated a bit more... I'm wondering if this is the man that has a bit of a hate on for women. or is it the hubby? Doesn't matter, it sounds like all of you need to take better care of yourselves and each other and more over you need to take better care of yourself by the sound of it.

Sure, he fucked up and wasn't aware of your need to say good night even if he was with someone else. He probably didn't out of respect to her. Sounds like some boundary negotiation to work out there... the thing is that doing some stuff to benefit you personally on your own might be a good place to start in dealing with his possible NRE. There is nothing more attractive than a confident woman. If you embrace working on yourself and communicating your needs then he surely will take notice and respect that you have some...

Eventually the girlfriend will be more a part of your life too I would think. Perhaps making sure you get a good start and get going on being firm but kind when it comes to boundaries would ease the process for all of you. This should encourage all the others too.

Good luck and stay strong.
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