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Yes, Superjast, that did seem a little harsh.

TeJoKo, I'm sure that it's NRE, and I'm sure some of it is also that he's nervous about hurting you. The more things that go wrong, the worse he's going to feel, the more nervous he gets. Try to take a deep breath and come from a calm place, because getting upset will make it worse. Think of it as building a stable base for him to go out into the world from, and to come back to. Getting those goodnight texts and calls are important to you, so let him know that, but make sure that you stay calm and state it in a non-judgemental way. And actually, I've found that sometimes when they expect you to be upset and you're not, the message gets through even clearer.

And even though I felt that Superjast was harsh, I have to say, it sounds--reading between the lines--that there's more going on here, for you. I think it might be helpful to take some time to yourself and get some clear headspace. I'm getting the feeling that you're feeling more insecurity than you might realize. It's worth checking out.
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